Inquirer,GMA7 failed to see:QS ranked schools by certain courses NOT offered by those schools – by Christine Jesalva

 Inquirer,  GMA News failed to see: QS ranked some universities by certain courses NOT offered by those universities – by Christine Jesalva
The post below was written by Christine Jesalva
      “A recent article stated that 5 universities located in the Philippine ranked in Asia’s top 300 universities according to a study conducted by education network Quacquarelli Symmonds or QS. The University of the Philippines,Diliman ranked 67th, Ateneo De Manila University ranked 109th and the University of Santo Tomas ranked 150th. Meanwhile De La Salle University ranked 151st to 160th and University of Southeastern Philippines ranked 251st to 300th.
“Albeit it being seemingly good news as UP Diliman is the highest ranked among the local universities, the said survey seems to be questionable, since they also released a former study (Inquirer article linked above) regarding the rankings of institutions by subjects. Apparently the Asian Institute of Management topped the rankings amongst local higher institutions of learning in the field of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing engineering, wherein in reality, the said institute does not offer such a course. The same can be said with University of Santo Tomas because they ranked among other institutions in the field of Agriculture and Forestry, a field in which they do not offer in their university. Sad to say, this particular article could be taken with a grain of salt, seeing as QS isn’t really that accurate regarding the fields offered in certain institutions. Although they did adhere to the code of professional and ethical conduct of the Philippine press institute, in which they presented the criteria for such rankings, the other details could really bring up questions regarding the credibility of the source they referred to.”  

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