3rd Media Monitor NXT class here (or bonus) deadline extended #UPDiliman #universityofthephilippines

3rd Media Monitor NXT class here (or bonus)

deadline extended

     The 3rd Media Monitor of the NXT class can be posted here. Or any bonus not yet posted. The deadline is extended to Thursday, March 2 at 12 noon.
As stated before, provisions of the 2014 SPJ, PPI, or PPI Expanded may be used.
Happy viewing/ reading/ writing!


  1. FIRST REGULAR MEDIA MONITOR: Jamby Madrigal, Rep. Alonte, itinanggi ang alegasyon ni Aguirre

    On February 24, Friday, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre named former Senator Jamby Madrigal and Laguna Rep. Marlyn Alonte as the ones who offered a P100-million bribe to the New Bilibid Prison inmates in order for them to retract their testimonies against Sen. Leila De Lima. Both Madrigal and Alonte have denied their involvement in this case, with Madrigal stating that Aguirre is spreading false information. Madrigal has also stated that she does not know who Alonte is and denied that she communicated with her to bribe the inmates. In addition, she has also denied Aguirre’s claim that she is related to Lalaine Madrigal Martinez, the wife of inmate Noel Martinez, saying, “One has to wonder what is worse: to believe fantasies or to make accusations on the basis of such fuzzy logic.” Alonte has also denied her involvement saying that she does not know any of the inmates and that she is willing to face Sec. Aguirre or whoever fed him the information even if a lie detector test is needed. Sen. Leila De Lima has also denied any relationship with Madrigal and Alonte.

    I believe that this is a good practice because according to the SPJ Code of Ethics, journalists should “diligently seek subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing”. In this case, GMA News sought out Madrigal, Alonte and even Sen. De Lima herself in order to allow all of them to respond to Sec. Aguirre’s allegations, where each one denied his claims. In addition, according to the PPI Code of Ethics, “All efforts must be exerted to make stories fair, accurate and balanced. Getting the other side is a must, especially for the most sensitive and critical stories. The other side must run on the first take of the story and not any day later.” In this case, GMA News has exerted efforts to abide by this provision, especially because they got Madrigal’s, Alonte’s and Sen. De Lima’s sides the same day that Sec. Aguirre made his accusations.

    News Article: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/600954/news/ulatfilipino/jamby-madrigal-rep-alonte-itinanggi-ang-alegasyon-ni-aguirre

  2. Regular media monitor:

    The downward plight of the Philippine Daily Inquirer from a reliable news source with dedication to integrity is deeply saddening. A recent article released just this 22nd of February masked as a business buzz is actually leaning towards a poorly written gossip column. Written by an unidentified author, the article hints on an also unnamed law school official who is allegedly an adulterer caught in the act by his spouse getting involved with a staff.
    Such article presents several concerns, one of which banks on accuracy. According to The Philippine Press Institute’s Code of Ethics, an article is considered inaccurate if involves not only incorrect details but also the suppression of essential facts of the distortion of truth by omission, which is clearly evident in the said article as it failed to mention any details regarding the individuals concerned, nor that of the institution where the individuals work at.
    Whereas the avoidance of mentioning these details affords the author escape from accusations of libelous remarks, these very omissions make the article far from news, but simply, just another baseless gossip column.


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