image NXT Class, Lucky : the 8th & 9th Media Monitor here

Lucky 8 and Lucky 9

 8th and 9th Media Monitor
For the NXT class: The 8th Media Monitor and the 9th Media Monitor can be submitted here , preferably in one post for ease of checking and recording. They can cover media content from the previous two weeks, to the present week, up to next week — or media content for the period April 4- 27, with deadline on April 27 at 12:00 noon. Bonuses not yet posted apply.
So, in sum:
Two posts can be submitted for this window : They can either be
1)two regular media monitor,
2) one regular and one bonus,
3) two bonuses). (choose one pair from these three pairs — or you can just post one media monitor if you’re not up to it. Next week’s window will already be the 10th Media Monitor, i.e., any post not submitted is considered a forfeit.).

    For obvious reasons, and for orderly submission of work, please put the title, “8th Media Monitor” on your work, and “9th Media Monitor” on the second one, if any. If submitting a Bonus, indicate so in the title: Do not re-assign a new number to the Bonus but follow the number it was given here, regardless of how many bonuses you have previously submitted or have not submitted; then state the topic.
Schedules and exams will push thru as discussed in class.

      Luck belongs to the prepared: Happy viewing and reading ∗ ∴ ∗ ∴∗∴ ∗


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