Twitter Video, Live Interview: An hour before promulgation cyberlibel case against journalists: ABS-CBN Headstart anchor Karen Davila asks specific  questions on prescriptive period (time limit to prohibit prosecution) of libel and “republication” “theory” of prosecution to apply cyberlaw to article published before cyberlaw enacted

( If you’re on Google Chrome or any other browser and it says “Media could not be played” on the video embedded here: You need to clear your browser of cache and cookies: Like so: Open your Google Chrome, click the rightmost corner with the three dots on it, a dropdown menu appears, go to “Settings”, a page appears, scroll down and find “Clear browsing data”, click that: Read the items: make sure only the first four are checked: Browsing history, Dowload history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, just those four. Then click “Clear data”)

Video below should play 🙂


(Credits: As shown in the video graphics)

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