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Written by  2012-12727 (blog admin did not edit)

“It is hard to see why “Pugad Baboy”‘s recent issue was the first to draw so much ire from people for its jab at religion, society, and homosexuality. Satire can hardly be considered an unfair attack, as its purpose is not to force an audience against an entity, but to enjoin an audience to critically filter the practices it sees, and the satire’s subject to reconsider and reevaluate its courses of action. Satire has been the famous comic strip’s forte for many generations, and it has never caused any trouble for any party until now.

“On the other hand, perhaps Pol Medina, Jr.’s downfall was naming a specific and privately-owned entity as the subject of the strip’s issue. In doing so, St. Scholastica’s College was depicted as sharing a narrow and exclusive view on homosexuality with a larger entity–namely, the Catholic church–when allowing traditionally-discouraged same-sex relationships is the least of the Catholic church’s flaws where homosexuality is concerned. The perverted practice of homosexuality among some

members of the clergy, which have been attested to in several cases throughout time, is an even bigger problem than passively allowing harmless same-sex relationships to form. Medina needs not necessarily attack the Catholic church instead, though if in his interest to protect victims of homosexuality he decides to speak out, he may raise questions about it. However, there was no need to accuse St. Scholastica’s College of a shallow and demeaning view, as the administration does not explicitly take a stand against homosexuality, or at least not publicly or often. It was singled out to be painted in an unnecessarily negative light that it had not sought and had words put in its proverbial mouth–and this was something Medina could have avoided.

 “(Interestingly, Kulasas themselves have attested to the truth of same-sex relationships in their school and do not take offense to the strip. It seems only the authorities are upset by the issue.)” by 2012-12727, blog admin did not edit.