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Single lung will not hamper Pope Francis (Pope Isko lost a lung as a teener) & more sidestories here

Did you see the size of the font (letters) from which  the Proto Deacon French cardinal read   the announcement of the new pope? about five sentences.  68 pts font (the size of the font used in headlines of newspapers).  

12noon news: from NBC News Vitals: “Single lung not likely to hinder the new pope, doc says”;

“Habemus papam” , straight from the news site Vatican News;

Plus photos on the announcement and presentation of the new pope from Yahoo Philippines,  CBS News, NBC News;

Plus more stories on the rumor mongering of a Sabah conspiracy, etc.

and health news: Superfoods, cellphones as modern irritants, imaging drugs for cancer lymph nodes, do’s and don’t’s of pre-workout snacks, etc. read more at

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