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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

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Here’s the sample for this week’s photo challenge from WordPress, photo by Sara Rosso: photobySaraRosso

Such perfect timing!

    i started to practise my food plating photography this week!

     Here’s my first ever food plate photo, shot perpendicularly or at a 90-degree-angle from the plate, for the weekly photo challenge, plus…

     …to start a new “genre”, the blog will be including the creator of the food plate (presumably, also the chef) — wouldn’t you want a photo of the chef or the cook with the food photograph?

   Here’s to a new “genre”:

      My Food Plating Photography 101… with the creator-chef
1fromabove…and the chef, meditatively plating my breakfast last Monday (let’s start a new “genre” by including a photo of the creator of the food plate)


hope you like the new “genre”: food plate and the chef. Happy weekend!

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raining– can’t go out to play– can blog today

it’s raining this morning

can’t go out to play

maybe i can blog today


there’s no more  lucky color segment, it was pulled out of the morning show months ago.

i’ll just post the cook segment of the other morning show Sapul 5 ,it’s a 5-minute recipe, i’ll post only those that are good for me (this excludes meat except sea food)


i’ll post my Christmas greetings tomorrow, Christmas season is up to Jan. 18!

Late. don’t ask why. Then  New Year’s greetings. 


it’s a 5-minute recipe — i will write it in 5 mins — in short-hand, too. 

Fish fillet with shallots, tomatoes, and spring onions

Ingredients: Lapulapu fish fillet, salt and pepper, corn starch, butter, shallots, tomatoes, spring onions

Procedure: Pat  fish fillet dry (with a paper towel of course) 

Roll in corn starch.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Heat butter in frying pan. Fry fish fillet. Time check: 1.5 mins elapsed

In another frying pan, heat butter, toss spring onions and saute  until transluscent. Then toss in shallots, then tomatoes (seeds removed). Time check: Running: about two minutes. sprinkle salt and pepper Add chilli flakes if you like it  spicy.

Plate the mixture. 

Plate the fish on the tomato mixture, garnish with spring onions, pepper. Total cooking and plating time: 4 minutes 55 seconds.

[blog admin’s note: This is a bit too buttery for me, i’d use extra virgin olive oil for this , of course it would have  less flavor (not buttery) but the fish flavor and shallots and tomatoes combined would be tasty enough. butter and oils make my pimples come out at certain times of the month, like this one today:  (shot yesterday) came out a week after Christmas, up to today, don’t ask why; ask my health consultant! ]