#GoodMorning #NowPlaying Umaga na Naman (It’s Morning Once Again) #OPM Noel Cabangon

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Good morning!

android shot three weeks ago

Now playing

Noel Cabangon : Joey’s Theme or Umaga na Naman (It’s Morning Once Again, translation with apologies) 

#atthemoment #atm At the moment surrounded by fronds

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at the moment

android-shot from the kitchen window: Mommy’s palmera fronds frame the sun, always 

Technically, it’s the grass family, right … so this song applies:


Good morning!


#atthemoment 2 hours ago Clasps (a Place in the World)

“a place in the world” for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:

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android-shot, a corner of the academic oval of the University of the Philippines which i consider home… 

The terrifying gigantic stone sculpture of claws is widely considered the emblem of  “terror teachers” in the University, who are known to drink their students’ blood with their nightly bloody Mary… …

    i’m messing with you. This is one of the sculpture pieces on the vacant lot fronting the driveway of the Vargas Museum on the academic oval of the University…

#atm #atthemoment 2 hours ago



 ” clasping  the  crag  with   crooked hands

     concealed  from  the  sun in  cruel  lands … “


A Place in the World (for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)