#SaveMaryJane #SaveMaryJaneVeloso : A Plea for Reprieve or Stay of Execution pending appeal

#SaveMaryJane #SaveMaryJaneVeloso : A Plea for Reprieve or Stay of Execution pending Appeal

      Precedents, and the law and procedure in Indonesia allows a reprieve or a stay of execution thru an order of temporary reprieve issued directly by the Indonesian president.

        Philippine President Aquino in his departure statement  for the ASEAN Summit aired a few minutes ago said that he would speak with the Indonesian President about the situation of Mary Jane Veloso. Both heads of state are attending the ASEAN Summit, scheduled to start today.  

        President Joko Widodo, based on his interviews, seems to be sensitive to what he calls “foreign interference” over Indonesia’s “sovereign right to exercise our laws”. What we are asking for however  is within the framework of Indonesian law and procedure, that is, a temporary reprieve or stay of execution pending appeal.  i have faith that President Aquino can both be gentle and intelligently convincing  when he meets with the Indonesian President and would be his usual persuasive best in his conversation with President Widodo to  distinguish the situation of our compatriot Mary Jane Veloso with the so-called Bali 9 convicted earlier.

            In the immediate or  in the meantime we pray for a temporary reprieve in order to give time for the courts to read the second Petition for Review that has been filed by Mary Jane — thus, we are not interfering with the laws and processes of Indonesia as the procedure allows this remedy and relief–  plea for a little time since the courts have not gone over the pending petition for review. Apparently, Mary Jane  did not understand what was going on when she was being tried for this capital offense.

     We trust  that the President’s entourage is concerned enough to have done the homework required and that they have briefed the President on the factual background, legal grounds, and humanitarian consideration. At the bare minimum, perhaps the Indonesian president could be persuaded to at least not set a date of execution yet and let the appellate review take its course.

       Hopefully, President Aquino can at least get an assurance that, at the bare minimum, no date for execution be set yet. 

           May the force be with you, Mr. President.