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technical malversation (“Eurogenerals” to be criminally charged)

News peg:  “Eurogenerals” to be criminally charged with technical malversation and corrupt practices.
    The following constitutes “technical malversation” (Article 220 of the Revised Penal Code):
      “Art. 220. Illegal use of public funds or property. – Any public officer who shall apply any public fund or property under his administration to any public use other than that for which such fund or property were appropriated by law or ordinance shall suffer the penalty of prision correccional in its minimum period or a fine ranging from one-half to the total value of the sum misapplied. If by reason of such misapplication, any damage or embarassment shall have resulted to the public service. In either case, the offender shall suffer the penalty of temporary special disqualification.
      “If no damage or embarassment to the public service has resulted, the penalty shall be a fine from 5 to 50 per cent of the sum misapplied.”