Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

                “Ode to the Enchanted Light”

“Under the trees light
 has dropped from the top of the  sky,
 like a green
 latticework of branches,
 on every leaf,
 drifting down like clean
 white sand.


“A cicada sends
 its sawing song
 high into the empty air.

 The world is
 a glass overflowing
 with water.”

   – Pablo Neruda, “Ode to the Enchanted Light”

Shot an hour before twilight by Myra Lambino: the Ramble and Lake at Central Park Manhattan New York City, with golden sunlight rendering the iconic San Remo twin-tower, of pre-war classical architecture, iridescent.


and here’s the explanation and sample photo from WordPress, text and image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands the-golden-hour

 From WordPress:  “In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Photographers venture out on sunrise hikes or sunset treks to capture a magical shot, due to the quality of the light during that time of day. Last week, I spent several days exploring Quebec City, and the view of the Old Town, from the city’s historic ramparts, is stunning. I took the photo above on our first day of wandering, as the sun began to set.”