Today’s Senate hearing on “new” evidence (audio), Mamasapano: evidence not new, said audio recording here

At 10 am today, the Senate Committee on Public Order will reopen the hearings on the Mamasapano bloody encounter on “motion” of Senator Enrile, who is out on bail from his plunder case on “humanitarian” grounds based on advanced age and medical condition (“humanitarian” is generic and not found in the Rules of Court as basis for the grant of bail in a capital offense; also, he is up and about — we are glad for his family that he is in the pink of health and probably more active than people 20 years younger: Shouldn’t this negate the grounds cited for grant of bail? What are the state prosecutors doing — just watching and not using their heads?).

    The reopening of the Senate hearing is based on “new” evidence, an audio recording of conversations between Senator Bongbong Marcos and Palace peace panel chair Ging Deles. The evidence is not new: it has been uploaded in the web for a year now. Here it is (based on the audibility and the echo in the room, the person holding the recording device seems to be seated closer to Senator Bongbong Marcos than to Sec. Ging Deles…. but that’s just me; you can take a “listen-hear” here:)

    Friends of the President seek to stop the presentation of the audio recordings for being a violation of the Anti-Wiretapping Law. If the conversation was private and the recording unauthorized (and not an audio recording as minutes of an official meeting of government officials), then, yes, you are running into the Anti-Wiretapping Law and the exclusionary rules of inadmissible evidence under the Bill of Rights and the Rules of Court. They’re inadmissible in evidence in any proceeding and for any purpose.

   Inadmissible, yes. But will the Senate Committee play the audio recording and make them part of the records? (will not be able to watch, some of us have to go to work– most of us.).

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