image school service, cloud-cloaked sunrise. atm series

“school service” (private mini-bus operating as school service) has arrived and left like clock work, sunrise cloaked by clouds, the day has started balmy and busy, shot a few minutes ago thru the android, at the moment series, not a food photo series…IMG_20160128_063342


will execute 3 surya A’s,  3 surya B’s, and 21 other asanas (ashtanga yoga poses). The suryas raise the heart rate as warm -up as my “concession” to cardio.

    Breakfast after jumpbacks, chaturranggas, stretches: Grainy, nutty whole wheat bread, Spanish sardines, lots of raw lettuce and tomatoes; raw, pealed, sliced green Indian mangoes, bananas, vegan latte,  kiwi fruit, ginger-lemongrass juice. Good morning!

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