Serene. 8am today casual runners stand still as #UPDiliman Carillon plays Natl Anthem: Lodi!

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android-shot at 8:00 am today at the academic oval… Casual runners and promenaders at the academic oval slowly stopped on their tracks — there was a slow pealing of the bells, they were playing our song. The Carillon — that’s the iconic belfry of the University — played the National Anthem at 8:00 on a sunny morning today — the way it does every morning —   in melancholy adagio beat (they’re ancient bells, they cannot play it in the original martial tempo of Julian Felipé), with flats here and there because they lacked notes … still : in all its awkward, slow chiming, towards the second bar, somehow, people recognized the melody and, without any physical or legal compulsion, enforcement, requirement or order, stood solemnly: The lithe runner in neon shirt stretching his hamstring put down his leg to stand properly, two senior citizens placed their palms on the left-hand side of their chest, the tahó (sweet soy curd) vendor took a break from hawking, a mother and her children stopped taking pictures of the floating woman statue. 

   They even all faced the bell tower. 

     Lodi! (idol!). Heartwarming. Maybe there’s hope for this country. 

    (i faced east, arbitrarily : somewhere eastward, there’s probably a flag fluttering.)

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Colder than

hoodie the hoodie- dap



colder than … glass

colder than… brass

colder than … seabass

colder than…


(eh ang hirap mag- rhyme ano … i was in the parking lot of a big college and a young student… while jumping to his vehicle… was using the f-word to describe the cold… Poor thang (using my fake Alabama accent) …

the poor thing (like many students) thinks using the f-word passes for…

    fashion and class.

… colder than class

(ayan, masaya ka na– walang sense pero nag- rhyme)