news & legal issues: cemeteries, ports, battlefields, broken hearts

 news & legal issues: cemeteries, ports, battlefields, broken hearts

There’s a legal issue to every news story… i’m just too: (a) lazy; (b) beezy (busy)

for example….

the legal issue in this story is…. at the foot of the story, proceed  

GMA News TV DZBB:“Mga bus terminal, sea port, airport , hinigpitan na ang seguridad para sa Undas” (Security in bus terminals, sea ports, airports tighten for All Souls Day”)

…the legal issue in this story is: the legality or constitutionality of “border” searches, or searches at sea ports, airports, etc. .. they’re legal.

See…? i told you there’s a legal issue in every news story

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ABS-CBN DZMM: “Passengers troop to bus terminals ahead of All Saints Day”

the legal issue in this story is: reasonable searches and seizures. (same as above)

xxx   xxx    xxx “Top bandit eludes troops. Fall of rebel camp a victory, says Army. By DJ Yap, Julie Alipala. Philippine Daily Inquirer The enemies were gone by the time troops entered the Moro stronghold in Zamboanga Sibugay Soldiers found trails of blood that led to a small mosque in an empty fishing village at Talaib Point in Payao town. Nearby, they saw 15 freshly dug graves but the troops did not disturb these.”

this is international humanitarian law. or RPC (rebellion) — criminal law and constitutional law have different paradigms; or rather, constitutional law has a “wider” or broader paradigm, etc. etc.

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Yahoo Philippines: “Bank ‘incident’ ignites Claudine-Raymart break-up rumors anew By Karen Valeza | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom – 19 hours ago According to  Ricky Lo in his ‘Funfare’ column published in The Philippine Star on Thursday, October 27,  Claudine failed to withdraw money because “the account had zero balance” and that “they (Claudine and Raymart) have been separated for two months came home and found Raymart’s cars missing in their garage. xxx The bank branch manager told them to wait while he prepared a manager’s check because, they were told, the amount was too big. After waiting for 30 to 40 minutes, Claudine and her lawyer asked why it was taking the branch manager time to issue the check, only to be informed that the account had ‘zero balance.’ That’s when Claudine broke down, which was caught by on camera by a 24 Oras news reporter,”  Ricky  cited his source further.”

This is family law — absolute community of property. Secrecy of Bank Deposits act, etc

The Buzz, ABS-CBN, takes on cyberbullying on Twitter (interview, Marichu Lambino)

“The Buzz!” of ABS-CBN,  takes on bullying on the net translated by “The Buzz!” as “paninira“, or, in particular, cyberbullying on Twitter.

(1.5-minute excerpt of the segment, used here for review and academic purposes, shown two weeks ago, or last Oct. 31, 2010, on Channel 2 ABS-CBN)

shot Oct. 30, thank you to “The Buzz!” production team for their patience, i had cramps that day. Thanks thanks! And thank you also to the hosts for the upbeat intro and voice-over!

A good empirical study to make, too, is: What sort of people engage in bullying or “paninira”  in the internet? those that don’t involve public interest or issues.  – A psychological- profile- sort- of- study. We could probably ask the psychologists: My theory is that, those who engage in this (bullying, paninira in the internet) have low self-esteem. Just a theory — Let’s ask our friends in psych. (i probably read that somewhere, it’s not even original,  or my siblings who’ve worked in the psych ward probably mentioned it in a conversation, or sumthin’)   What is the cause of low self-esteem? —  i don’t know, it’s probably complicated, ask the psychologists! (criminals however are another matter). Thank god it’s Friday! Happy weekend, y’all!

Sunday is entertainment law day. Watch The Buzz! ABS-CBN Ch.2 tomorrow 4:30pm-6pm

in the Philippines, there’s no branch of law  called “entertainment law”. but maybe there should be. 

Here, (in the discussion tomorrow), it’s both about entertainment and the new media.

“The Buzz” takes on impersonators in the Twitterverse,  or among Twitter users — in particular,  those who steal the identities of celebrities and create  ”fake” Twitter accounts. (yes, it is a form of stealing; one’s identity is part of one’s person; reputation is considered property by law and therefore, when another person pretends to be you and conducts transactions and sends messages pretending to be you, it’s a form of theft — “identity theft” (when the impersonator manages to mulct money through it, it’s also swindling or estafa.)

What do you do when you are being impersonated in a Twitter account?

Watch tomorrow’s The Buzz! ABS-CBN Channel 2 (free tv), 4:30pm-6pm.The discussion appears in the final segment…

[thank you to the The Buzz staff for giving me time to fix myself  i had/ am having cramps today. never took/ take medicine for any and therefore arrived a little late for the interview: Thank you for your patience, sweeties. Thanks to “Khrysta’s Kollezione” again. the interview was probably mostly  headshots so in case you don’t see the item from “Khrysta’s Kolezzione”, it was aquamarine, light, lots of ruffles, here it is, shot 30 minutes after the interview,  comfortable and breezy fabric and cut , just to show my appreciation, hope didn’t look like i was in pain during the interview)

here it is! 3-min clip “The Buzz” (ABS-CBN) takes on tabloids, wardrobe malfunction (interview, Marichu Lambino)

As promised, here it is: the video clip that accompanies the legal discussion of the previous posts; a 3-minute clip from the two-hour show, “The Buzz” produced by ABS-CBN Channel 2 last Sunday, April 11, 2010, used here non-commercially for academic purposes. Hope it’s useful!