Official Copy (full text): Ph-US EDCA (“Ph-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement “) here

After the Aquino administration and the U.S. State Department used the Marcosian tactic of keeping official enactments a secret by making the provisions of the “Ph-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement” top secret for two days even after the agreement has been signed, publicly, with no explanation why the provisions were not accessible to the public (the dictator Marcos had secret presidential decrees that contained short-cuts of criminal procedure and penal provisions that military and government prosecutors pulled out in the middle of habeas corpus proceedings to keep political prisoners in jail; not even the U.P. Law Center had copies of such secret decrees), finally, the Official Gazette (c/o Manolo Quezon III) uploaded a PDF file of the agreement last night. Here it is, in this link:

i’m trying to render it in Word or other pasteable form; then, will try to type up a textual review of the agreement. 

(Updated) Inquirer today used the first photo in my previous blog post 4 hours after, of PNoy w epals: Ang Kapal Talaga

Inquirer today used the first photo in my previous blog post, four hours after, of PNoy with epals: Ang Kapal Talaga 

as expected, a big media organization used the photo i found and retrieved, deleted by the Official Gazette FB account, see previous blog post in  

EXCLUSIVE photos: PNoy emergency landing SCTEX w epals: Official Gazette FB (Ph Gov’t) admin removed these photos

The Inquirer page one editor used the photo and simply put the photo credit “Malacanang photo”


(rightclicked from used here non-commercially for review and criticism purposes)

     — ASK THEM FOR THE LINK WHERE THEY RIGHTCLICKED THE PHOTO FROM — THAT LINK EXISTS IN THE TOOL BAR OF A WINDOW IN MY COMPUTER BECAUSE I DOWNLOADED IT, THEN, IT WAS DELETED BY THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE FB, i posted the link for about an hour in my blog, then, changed my mind and removed the link because i knew that the big media organizations would use it wantonly without acknowledgement of how they found it  Hay naku, ganyan talaga ang mga taong makapal ang mukha, ako pa ang kelangang magpasensiya sa kanila (C’est la vie, that’s what thick-skinned people are made of, we have to make allowances for them). Well, you know where you saw it first.

   And you also know kung sino ang mga walang delicadeza (who are unethical).